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Made With Love – 5 Questions

Hi Everyone! Today I’m participating in a special Made With Love edition. All the design team members will be answering 5 questions. You can head over to Made With Love to check out the post by other design team members.

I’ll start by sharing a little card I’ve made for this post. This is one of my favourite ways to make a card.

Distress Inks, to me, are something you have to check out if you have not. I love using it in multiple ways but using it to create a watercolour look to my card is my top favourite. I love how different every card looks because I’m letting the water do it’s thing. You can, of course, use any watercolour medium you like but with Distress Inks, you can do more than just watercolouring.

I like to colour my image by watercolouring but I do love using white embossing powder and see the image comes to live after splashing vibrant colours over it. Anyone can do this!

I love enamel dots. Especially if it’s gold. Ranger Gold Stickles is a staple part of the tool because if I run out of enamel dots, I can create the same effect with the stickles.


Now, let’s jump into some Q&A :
Who am I ?
I’m just your average Singaporean who is currently in Germany. I don’t major in Art or anything like that but I’ve always love papers, colours and just making things. I share a lot of cardmaking posts but I don’t limit myself to this. Besides making cards, I sew my notebooks, play with mix media on canvases and upcycling old boxes, etc. I’ve always connected with international crafters because I didn’t know any Singaporean crafts back  then. But being a part of Made With Love, it has given me the opportunity to, hopefully, encourage Singaporeans that handmade is awesome and with all the technology surrounding us, we should take a break from it once in a while and have fun with colours!

What is my creative style ?
This changed a few times in the past but in the recent years, I felt that I’ve found my “style”. Vibrancy. I love bright colours and I tend to go into the rainbow form even if I didn’t plan to. I do like to experiment with products and find more than the obvious way to use them.

What inspires me ?
People. Friends & family, especially, my husband. Of course inspiration comes from many places like products, clothes, pinterest and other crafters out there. But I love voicing out my ideas with my husband and he gives me that bit of motivation jolt that I need 🙂

What I love about being Singaporean ?
Since I’ve moved to Germany, I’ve come to realise more reasons why I love about being a Singaporean. Firstly, I love how normal I feel to be living amongst different races. Sounds strange? But there are people from other parts of the world who are only used to people who are of the same skin colour. I love that I grew up with people with different races and religion.

What do I wish for ?
If you asked me this months ago, my answer would have been very different. But since I’m in Germany and taking german lessons with refugees from Syria and meeting people from war-zone countries, I get to hear their heartbreaking stories and how they wish they could go home. So, I wish for all these nonsense to stop so my friends could go home and be with their family.

Oh and, the We R Memory Keeper typewriter 😉 Hehe.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this little Q&A and I hope to see you again soon!

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