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Made With Love – One-Layer Cards 4 Ways

Hi everyone! I’m excited to show you some cards I’ve made for the Made With Love Design Team. Made With Love is a craft store in Singapore. If you’re living in Singapore, drop by the store in the Somerset 313 mall. All (if not, similar) products showcased are available at the Made With Love store.
Today, I’m sharing with you one of my favourite techniques; making one-Layer cards. I like that one-layer cards sort of forces me to create dimensions without adding bulk. It’s also a plus point that I could mail these cards without worrying that all the layers you’ve created might get ruin through the mail 😉
There are many ways to do this but here are a few of the ways that I like to use and would like to share them with you.
Card #1
Masking is one of the techniques that is really important and a lot of fun when you want to put an image above another without adding more layers of paper. I’m using the Cat’s Meow Stamp Set by Mama Elephant and Antique Linen Distress Ink to stamp the images.
To protect the images from getting unwanted stamp lines, I’ve stamped it again on a thin piece of regular paper and covering the first stamped images. Tip : Any images you want to be at the top, has to be stamped first. 
I’ve chosen to use Distress Ink Markers to colour the images. I love using these markers to colour smaller images and honestly, they have some of my favourite colours to use.
I would love to add sequins to embellish the card but it would add a bit of bulk. However, stickles are a great alternative! And I love using them. They are super convenient to use and a small bottle of stickles can last you a long time. My favourite are the Ranger Stickles.
Card #2
Next technique is to, in a way, create your own patterned paper. Meaning, use as many of the stamps in your choice of stamp set, for me it’s the Dim Sum Fun by Mama Elephant, and stamp them all over the background to completely fill it up.
Tip : I find that it’s very useful to stamp the sentiment first (if you’re going to use one). This will give you the freedom to stamp the images without worrying that you won’t have space for your sentiment.
Tip : It is also best to stamp your largest image first. Same reason as the sentiment. Start with the largest stamp and use the smaller ones to fill in the rest of the space. Like the previous card, I’ve stamp this using the Antique Linen Distress ink because the ink is really light and it disappear when I start to watercolour using the Distress Ink Markers.
Card #3
The next one will also use the masking technique. But this time, I’m not masking any stamp images, I’m using a heart shape using a die, as a mask. I wanted the cats to be stamped all around the heart and create that heart-shape in the middle without actually having a piece of heart-shaped die-cut.
Tip : You can use any stamps for this technique. However, if you have solid stamps, it works even better. You can even mask alphabet stickers! 
Card #4
The last one is using dies in your one-layer card. Of course, you can cut out your own shapes, however, this is another way to stretch the use of your dies 🙂
I’ve die-cut the banners using regular paper. You want it and temporarily stuck it down on your card base. I’ve also used some washi tapes to frame the card base because I want the sides of the card to be white. This way, you can have a frame without any layers added to it.
I had to use my distress inks for this part. I have to say that I would have like to layer the colours differently but you can see what I’m trying to say. I would like to redo this card but it’s still turned out cute i hope!
I’ve added the card and their signs but because they are short, I’ve extended the length of the holder with my black pen.
So that’s all the four cards for you! I hope you’ve enjoyed them and if you have questions please drop me an e-mail or leave a comment. Have a great week!


    1. Hi Shannen, thanks for your comment. No, I don’t have a workshop but if you would like to see more in-depth detail, I can share more. I really enjoy making one-layer cards.

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