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Hi everyone! I’m excited to show you some cards I’ve made for the Made With Love Design Team. Made With Love is a craft store in Singapore. If you’re living in Singapore, drop by the store in the Somerset 313 mall. All (if not, similar) products showcased are available at the Made With Love store.
Hi everyone! Today’s theme is Stencils. Occasionally, I love using stencil to create backgrounds for my cards. Here are four ways that I like to use my stencils and hope you’ll be inspired!
Card #1
My favourite way of using a stencil is a slow method. It requires me to trace out the stencil with a light pencil. This way, I can colour the spaces individually. It takes time but I always enjoy colouring in the stencil and the end result always pleases me 🙂
Here I’m using the Tim Holtz Blocks Stencils and coloured in with Prima Watercolours.
Card #2
For this card, I’m also using the tracing method but I do it selectively. You can use this method to trace out only for the middle part or any other corners of the card.
Here I’m using the Tim Holtz Blocks Layered Feathers stencil, coloured in with Prima Watercolours and added Ranger Stickles. 
Card #3
This third method can get a bit messy but it’s also a lot of fun. I’ve scrape out some white gesso and smooth it over the stencil. When you look at the photo below, you can see the effect you get using the gesso. You can also use texture paste for this method.
Instead of colouring it the individual spaces, I’ve decided to drop colours and let them drip down to create a more organic effect.
Here I’ve used Tim Holtz Blocks Layered Feathers stencil, Ranger White Gesso and Prima Watercolours. 
Card #4
This is what I call a fading-out effect. It’s like creating a spotlight in the middle of the card. I’ve used Distress Inks and dab the colours over the stencil. I find that by dabbing, I can control how much it fades out.
Here I’m using the Tim Holtz Blocks Stencils, Lawn Fawn Village Shops stamps and coloured in with Prima Watercolours.


So that’s all the four cards for you! I hope you’ve enjoyed them and if you have questions please drop me an e-mail or leave a comment. Have a great week!

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