About Me

Welcome to my crafty blog. This blog is a home for all my craft works which includes cardmaking, mixed media project and etc. Marina Crafty Design is a new domain (June 2016) but the blog post itself was from my old blogger account which has been running since 2013.

On this blog, I share my cards (with tutorial) I’ve design for the lovely companies that I’m designing for. This means, I do get products that’s made by the company (Stamps, Dies & sometimes other embellishments) but when it comes to designing for a store, I get some products from the store to make cards out of them. All opinions are my own though 🙂

Besides that, I also post other blog post talking about anything crafty and this just started in 2018. Follow me on instagram to get updates whenever I post. Click on the Contact Me page above if you have any request or questions.

Especially in this new year (2018), I’m upgrading my blogging habits and hopefully it will grow and you’ll be inspired.

This is Me


You can call me, Marina. I didn’t study or go to any fancy arts school to justify, formally, why I’ve been dedicating my time to crafting. But, around early 2000s, I went to a craft store in Singapore and I just fell in love. Soon, I started making little cards and layouts for myself, friends and family members. Next time I knew, I was hooked.

I may not have any formal arts qualification but my heart is 100% in this and I hope you can see it.

Crafting is a big part of my life but the man in the photo is another part of life. My husband. He supports me in all my crafting mess or achievements. He also fills my life with travel adventures. You can check out our travel adventures at his blog (it’s in German and he’s a bit behind but there are photos 😉 )

All in all, I’d like to call myself as the girl who crafts by day and party by night.